Have you ever purchased radio or TV ads, or perhaps you've thrown away $$ on printed products that expire?

The 1-time investment can be used when you want, and target the people you want to target.

Finally you can be in control of when, where, and how your customers are targeted.

Each and every Subway SUBMAN costume is proudly hand-crafted in the USA.

For your convenience we even pay the shipping
 One size fits most

The Subway Super Hero is very large and much taller than the Original Subman.

Like all super heros, Subway's Super Hero has huge muscles built into the legs and arms of the body suit.

He also shows off his six pack on his abs.

The Super Hero comes with a tiny interior, battery operated fan.

Storage Tote Bags are included.

Build your customer base by showing them the benefits of healthy food choices and eating fresh!​​​​​​

This costume comes complete with all you see in the picture above PLUS the storage tote bags.​​

We've designed the Original Subman to have the exact look of the Subway Super Hero but at a price that's affordable to everyone.

The gloves and boots (shoe covers) accessories are the same accessories used with the Super Hero.

This costume is very effective for driving traffic into your store when used outside your store front.

If you're having a quiet hour between lunch and dinner just pull Subman out of the back room and onto the sidewalk!​​

Build a relationship in your community by taking SUBMAN to ballgames -  parades - schools - fairs
and more...

This costume comes with all you see in the picture above.​​​​​

The Subway Dude is a cool, hip charactor who wears his Subway uniform hat backwards.

He's a kids-magnet with a friendly face.

This is a very effective advertising tool at schools, Chilren's Hospital, 5K runs, or your Wal-Mart Store.

The Subway Dude comes with cartoon-style gloves with real fingers hidden in the palm. The provides ease when handing out coupons or menus.

For hygiene purposes it also come with the yellow over-shirt which is worn over your employee's clothing.

The employee's own jeans and sneakers are part of this approved mascot design.​​​​​​​​​​​​
*FREE shipping​
*FREE Shipping​ 
*FREE Shipping
* Protect Your Investment *

No shipping added when purchased and shipped with your Subway mascot costume.

The great, heavy duty duffle bag is especially designed for our Original Subman and Subway Dude.

It has a convenient removable shoulder strap, padded carrying handles, pockets, and a zippered pocket.

Instead of a zipper down the middle OUR bag zips all the way open so you can easily unpack and repack your Subman, and off you go to your next promotional venue.

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Replacement parts available.
Call for pricing.​